The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI): An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists
The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI):An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists

2023 Self and Identity Preconference at SPSP

Welcome to the Self & Identity’s SPSP 2023 Preconference! The International Society for Self and Identity promotes scholarship on the individual and collective aspects of the self, and showcases some outstanding research at this preconference. This year’s theme was "The Social Self," highlighting how our self-views influence our relationships and interactions with others, and are influenced by them in turn. The way we think of ourselves affects our willingness to reach out to others - to connect with them and learn from them. Interacting with others, in turn, can shape the way we view ourselves and our various identities. The preconference featured work of eminent and emerging scholars in these areas, as well as addresses from Early Career and Lifetime Career Award winners from the International Society for Self and Identity. The preconference also featured a poster session and data blitz, and a mentoring and networking lunch.


This year's speakers included:

Morgan Jerald

University of Wisconsin-Madison 


Michal Kosinski

 Stanford University



Julia Minson

Harvard University

Eric VanEpps 

University of Utah


Marina Milyavskaya

Carleton University


2022 Early Career Award Winner

Robert J. Vallerand

Université du Québec à Montréal


2022 Lifetime Career Award Winner

Elanor Williams

Washington University St Louis

Conference organizers:

Stav Atir, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Negin R. Toosi, California State University, East Bay

2023 ISSI preconference poster award winner:


Ju, Y. (2023). Intellectual humility and adaption to failure [Self & Identity Preconference Poster]. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Atlanta, GA, United States.

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