The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI): An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists
The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI):An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists

ISSI Awards for Scientific Contributions

Each year, ISSI honors researchers who have made important empirical and theoretical contributions to the understanding of self and identity. The Distinguished Lifetime Career Award is presented to researchers who have made major, enduring contributions to understanding self and identity over the course of their academic careers. The Outstanding Early Career Award is given to researchers who have made impressive contributions to the field within their first 10 years of obtaining a Ph.D.

Distinguished Lifetime Career Award Recipients

SPSP 2023 Distinguished Lifetime Career Award Recipient: Dr. Dianne Tice

2023 Dianne Tice, Brigham Young University 

2022 Robert J. Vallerand, Université du Quebec at Montreal

2021 Daphna Oyserman, University of Southern California

2020 Michael Hogg, Claremont Graduate University 

2019 Brenda Major, UC Santa Barbara  

2018 Mark Alicke, Ohio University

2017 Constantine Sedikides, University of Southampton

2016 David Dunning, University of Michigan

2015 William B. Swann, University of Texas

2014 June Tangney, George Mason University

2013 Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan, University of Rochester

2012 Charles Carver, University of Miami and Michael Scheier, Carnegie Mellon University
2011 Roy Baumeister, Florida State University
2010 Mark Leary, Duke University
2009 Jeff Greenberg, University of Arizona, Tom Pyszczynski, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and Sheldon Solomon, Skidmore College
2008 Jennifer Crocker, The Ohio State University
2007 E. Mark Snyder, University of Minnesota
2006 Sheldon Stryker, Indiana University
2005 E. Tory Higgins, Columbia University
2004 Claude Steele, Stanford University
2003 Hazel Markus, Stanford University
2002 Abraham Tesser, University of Georgia
2001 Marilynn Brewer, The Ohio State University 

Outstanding Early Career Award Recipients

2023 Outstanding Early Career Award Recipient: Dr. Eddie Brummelman

2023 Eddie Brummelman, University of Amsterdam

2022 Marina Milyavskaya, Carleton University

2021 Sarah Gaither, Duke University

2020 Mesmin Destin, Northwestern University 

2019 Jochen E. Gebauer, University of Mannheim 

2018 Kimberly Rios, Ohio University

2017 Sapna Cheryan, University of Washington and Mary Murphy, Indiana University 

2016 Emily Balcetis, New York University

2015 Wilhelm Hofmann, University of Cologne

2014 Brandon Schmeichel, Texas A&M

2013 Mark J. Landau, University of Kansas

2012 Nathan DeWall, University of Kentucky
2011 Simine Vazire, Washington University
2010 Jessica Tracy, University of British Columbia
2009 Jamie Arndt, University of Missouri
2008 Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota
2006 Serena Chen, University of California, Berkeley
2005 Wendi Gardner, Northwestern University
2004 John Jost, New York University
2003 Ying-Yi Hong, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2002 Andrew J. Elliot, University of Rochester
2001 Steven J. Heine, University of British Columbia

2000 Sandra L. Murray, University at Buffalo, State University of New York 

Best Paper Award

ISSI has established an award for the best paper published in its journal Self and Identity.


2020 Winner:

Holt, L. F., & Sweitzer, M. D. (2020). More than a black and white issue: Ethnic identity, social dominance orientation, and support for the black lives matter movementSelf and Identity, 19, 16-31.


2019 Winner:

Young, E. S., Simpson, J. A., Griskevicius, V., Huelsnitz, C. O., & Fleck, C. (2019). Childhood attachment and adult personality: A life history perspective. Self and Identity, 18, 22-38.


2018 Winner:

Landau, M. J., Arndt, J., Swanson, T. J., & Bultmann, M. N. (2018). Why life speeds up: Chunking and the passage of autobiographical time. Self and Identity, 3, 294-309.


2017 Winner

Hamilton, H. R., & DeHart, T. (2017). Drinking to belong: The effect of a friendship threat and self-esteem on college student drinking. Self and Identity, 16, 1-15.


2016 Winner:

Villicana, A. J., Delucio, K., & Biernat, M. (2016). "Coming out" among gay Latino and gay White men: Implications of verbal disclosure for well-being. Self & Identity, 15, 468-487.


2015 Winner:

Howe, T. R., Aberson, C. L., Friedman, H. S., Murphy, S. E., Alcazar, E., Vazquez, E. J., & Becker, R. (2015). Three decades later: The life experiences of mid-life functioning of 1980s heavy metal groupies, musicians, and fans. Self & Idenity, 14, 602-626.


2014 Winner:

Ntoumanis, N., Healy, L. C., Sedikides, C., Smith, A. L., & Duda, J. L. (2014). Self-regulatory responses to unattainable goals: The role of goal motives. Self & Identity, 13, 594-612.


2013 Winner:

Silvia, P. J., & Phillips, Ann G. (2013). Self-awareness without awareness? Implicit self-focused attention and behavioral self-regulation. Self & Identity, 12, 114-127.


2011 Winner:

Balcetis, E., & Dunning, D. (2013). Considering the situation: Why people are better social psychologists than self-psychologists. Self & Identity, 12, 1-15.


2010 Winner:

Amiot, C. E., & Hornsey, M. J. (2010). Collective self-esteem contingency and its role in predicting intergroup bias. Self & Identity, 9, 62-86.


2009 Winner:

Wolf, S. T., Cohen, T. R., Panter, A. T., & Insko, C. A. (2010). Shame proneness and guilt proneness: Toward the further understanding of reactions to public and private transgressions. Self & Identity, 9, 337-362.


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