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Special issue of Self and Identity on “The Many Faces of Narcissism.”

Few concepts in psychology are as simultaneously familiar and perplexing as narcissism. The public seems comfortable with the meaning of “narcissism,” as celebrities, business leaders, and politicians are frequently called narcissistic in the popular media. Yet theory and research in psychology highlights diverse, sometimes conflicting, views of what it means to be narcissistic.


This special issue of Self and Identity will focus on “The Many Faces of Narcissism.” We are interested in publishing empirical articles on one or more manifestations of narcissism, such as: the relatively established subtypes of agentic or grandiose narcissism and vulnerable narcissism; more recently identified manifestations such as communal narcissism or collective narcissism; or sub-dimensions of narcissism, such as narcissistic admiration and rivalry. Research that identifies unique antecedents or consequences of these manifestations of narcissism is especially welcome. We also welcome research that highlights the diverse “dark” and “bright” consequences of narcissism. Although narcissism is widely recognized as a “toxic” or “dark” personality dimension, it also has some “bright” (intra- or interpersonally adaptive) consequences, reflecting perhaps its association with agency, approach-orientation, or high self-esteem. Other topics related to narcissism, especially those that are theoretically or methodologically innovative, will also be considered. We will give preference to multi-study (rather than single-study) submissions and those that are not based exclusively on cross-sectional, self-report data. We will also prioritize experimental data over strictly correlational data.


Prospective authors should submit a one-page proposal (no more than 500 words) that includes information about the purpose of the studies/experiments, sample, methods, and preliminary results.


Proposals should be submitted to all Guest Editors – Christian Jordan (, Barbara Nevicka (, and Constantine Sedikides ( – by June 1, 2018.


Full manuscripts of submissions that we invite to move forward will be due October 1, 2018. We are also asking that authors who are invited to submit full manuscripts also review two other manuscripts for this special issue.


Please direct any inquiries (e.g., about suitability, timeline, etc.) to the Guest Editors, Christian Jordan (, Barbara Nevicka (, and Constantine Sedikides (

Scientific Awards

The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI) is pleased to announce the 2017 winners of its two major annual awards, the Distinguished Lifetime Career Award and the Outstanding Early Career Award (10 years or less post-Ph.D.).




Winners will be presenting invited addresses at the 2018 Self and Identity Pre-conference at SPSP this March.


Thank you to members of this year's lifetime career award committee, Bertjan Doosje (chair), Debbie Prentice, and David Dunning. Early career award committee members included Serena Chen (chair), Nathan DeWall, and Emily Balcetis.

Editor, Self and Identity

Shira Gabriel, Associate Professor of Psychology at the State University of New York (SUNY), University of Buffalo, is the editor for Self and Identity. Please read the editorial written by Dr. Gabriel by clicking the link below.

Self & Identity Editorial
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Best Paper

ISSI and the Editorial Board of Self and Identity grant an award for the best paper published in the journal each volume year. The winner for the 2015 volume is announced here.

ISSI Preconference

The Self and Identity Preconference at SPSP will be held on Thursday, March 1, 2018 in Atlanta, GA. Click here for more information.

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