The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI): An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists
The International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI):An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists

2020 Self and Identity Preconference at SPSP

A fixture of the SPSP conference for many years, the Self and Identity Preconference provides a forum for understanding the nexus between the individual and collective aspects of the self. This year’s preconference has a special focus on Self-Threats and Self-Challenges, focusing on how people react to, cope with, and rise to the challenge of threats to their understanding of themselves. The preconference will feature the work of eminent scholars in these areas, including addresses from Early Career and Lifetime Career Award winners and a Best Paper Award from the International Society for Self and Identity’s official journal, Self and Identity. The preconference will also feature a poster session, data blitz, and a mentoring and networking lunch. With a diverse panel of speakers discussing timely issues of social importance, the preconference will showcase the relevance and vitality of current self and identity research.


SUBMIT TO THE PRECONFERENCE: The Self and Identity preconference will have a Data Blitz and Poster Session that will feature cutting-edge research from all areas of self and identity research. We are currently seeking submissions for the Data Blitz and Poster Session; please see submission eligibility and instructions below.


This year's speakers will include:

 Clayton Critcher

University of California, Berkeley


Jennifer Howell

University of California, Merced


Steven Spencer

Ohio State University


Danu Stinson

University of Victoria


Yael Steinhart

Tel Aviv University


Brenda Major

University of California, Santa Barbara


2019 Lifetime Career Award Winner

Jochen E. Gebauer

Universität Mannheim


2019 Early Career Award Winner

For more information, contact:


Melissa J. Williams,  

Kimberly Kahn,



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