International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI): An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists
International Society for Self and Identity (ISSI):An Interdisciplinary Association for Social and Behavioral Scientists

2017 Self and Identity Preconference at SPSP

A preconference on self and identity has been a fixture of the SPSP conferences for many years. This year's preconference continued the tradition by featuring an exciting and eclectic lineup of contributors. This year's conference featured research focusing on the Exploring Identity through Morality, Politics, and Diversity, and the Inaccurate Self. In addition, the preconference featured invited addresses by the Early Career and Lifetime Career Award winners, as well as the Best Paper award from the International Society for Self and Identity’s official journal, Self and Identity.


This year's speakers include:


Kevin Binning, University of Pittsburgh

Stephen Garcia, University of Michigan

Corey Guenther, Creighton University

Andrew Christy, Texas A&M University

Kimberly Rios, Ohio University

William von Hippel, University of Queensland


Distinguished Lifetime Career Award winner (David Dunning)

Outstanding Early Career Award winner (Emily Balcetis)


This year’s preconference had a poster session and a mentoring and networking lunch. Over lunch, graduate students and early career researchers had the opportunity to discuss the following topics with experts in the field:


  • The Job Market in Academia
  • The Tenure Process at Research and Liberal Arts Universities
  • Diversity in Academia
  • Reproducibility and Best Practices Concerns
  • Applying for Grants
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Getting Published
  • Career Opportunities in Europe
  • Theories of Self & Identity
  • Starting your own Research Lab
  • Dealing with the Media and Sharing Science with the Public


With a diverse panel of speakers reflecting the depth and breadth of the field, the 2017 preconference was a testament to the vitality of current self and identity research. We look forward to seeing you next year in Atlanta, Georgia!




Erin O'Mara (Preconference Organizer)

Michelle vanDellen (Preconference Organizer)

2017 Self & Identity Preconference Schedule
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Registration for the 2017 Self & Identity Preconference:


All ISSI members receive $20 off preconference registration. The discount is limited to the first 50 new/renewed members. Not a member? Join Now!


We are also excited to announce that ISSI will host a Happy Hour after the preconference for current ISSI members, generously sponsored by Taylor & Francis (Self & Identity’s Publisher). By signing up for the Preconference and becoming an ISSI member, you will automatically receive information about Happy Hour as we get closer to the conference. Last year’s post-preconference Happy Hour was a great success and we are looking forward to doing it again!

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